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The Impossible to Possible Women Sistahood empowers overwhelmed, terrified and struggling female entrepreneurs to tell their biz fears KICK ROCKS using my signature coaching frameworks so they can get more organized, confidently start/scale a business and gain financial independence!

I've recently combined my 35K+ Community consisting of our Free Facebook Group, email list and social media followers into one amazing FREE membership experience to make it easier for business women like you to access our vault of 500+ videos based our Impossible to Possible Women 3 Biz Principles: Strong Spiritual Foundation, Solid-Proven Biz Strategies and a Supportive Sistahood. I'm consistently installing new features to help make this possible; one of which includes the use of AI Technology to help you finally get the answers you need faster about how to Turn Your Biz Fear into a Positive Profitable Biz Opportunity using our founding 3 Biz Principles below.

You will be able to access detailed frameworks which overview coaching from our updated Impossible to Possible Women members club to help you commit to making success happen, frameworks to help you reach your goal sooner than you dreamed and gain access to world-class coaching and accountability from me and my She Made it Possible subject matter experts - you know the good stuff that you've always wanted and needed so you can make all things possible faster!

Gwendolen Wilder

Founder, Impossible to Possible Women

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How Can I Gain Customer Trust

Weekly Facebook Lives: Wednesday 1130 am/cst

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Female Entrepreneur Sistahood: Turn Biz Fear into a Paid Opportunity!

TRAINING OBJECTIVE: How to get past the biz fear of feeling overwhelmed so you can build trust with potential leads

WHAT YOU LEARN: I'm sharing 3 high-level secrets like these below from inside my Impossible to Possible Women monthly members club:

SECRET #1🌟 How to better equip you, your biz and team to address your customers needs so you can establish a trusting connection with them.

SECRET #2🌟 How to clearly articulate that you have the solution they need so you can build trust and establish yourself as a credible source.

SECRET #3🌟 How to make your offer wilder by adding value so it is so irresistible so they don't hesitate trusting you in the decision making process.

If you ever related to any of this; WATCH LIVE WITH US!!

🥺Feeling determined but, overwhelmed, sad, tired, frustrated and hopeless every time you try your best to sell something to someone but, all you hear is no, not right now, I’ll think about it and let you know.

🥺Feeling like a failure not making any sales and starting to believe that snarky comment living rent free in the back of your mind when that one person you trusted the most stopped believing in your dream and said you tried but, maybe you need to stop

🥺Feeling humiliated, like a failure and like you’re missing out on life when you can’t hang with the girls for drinks, brunch or take spontaneous girls trips because even though you post about making a ton of money you secretly don’t have two nickels to rub together and are too embarrassed to ask for help💫

WHY JOIN US LIVE 💖 I answers questions on the spot for those that join LIVE to help you get answers uber fast to your biggest biz fear problems so you can understand how to crush it easier and faster- it's sooo cool!

WATCH THE REPLAY I know a lot of you are 9-2-5's so it's OK if you have to catch the replay sis. Comment below with questions, use #replay and I'll answer your questions. I will answer all replay questions the following day.

As the founder of the Impossible to Possible Women sistahood, I empower overwhelmed but, determined female entrepreneurs to tell their biz fears to KICK ROCKS so they can become more self-confident and turn biz fears into positive profitable biz opportunities

Join us every Wednesday inside our FREE Facebook Group [Female Entrepreneur Sistahood: Turn Biz Fear into Paid Opportunities] for an Exclusive Training class I lovingly refer to as our Sista Chat

These tips are great for women at all stages of business whether you're just starting or have been in business for a while.

Let's get straight to the point and Face the Fear Together sis!!

Until we meet, comment below the event with any biz fear questions so I can make sure to address those during my training.

Stay Blessed💞 Gwendolen

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It starts with learning the EXACT strategies that successful female entrepreneurs like myself used to dramatically (and consistently) grow my biz to receive wins such as awarded a $5M Joint Venture Contract, Best-selling CoAuthor, $1200/Hr Guest Speaks, amazing $15K Customers and more!

This will help you build and scale a successful woman owned business around what your skilled at, love doing and enjoy sharing! Ready to reclaim your confidence sis and find fabulous followers excited to buy your offers?

If you’d like to tap into more than a decade of business building and successful scaling experience,

Download the FREE guide today! (BEFORE I REMOVE IT!)

Oh and grab your fav cup of tea, pen, highlighter and journal because this juicy nugget will help you tell your biz fears KICK ROCKS so you can confidently start talking about your biz to attract more ideal customers week after week.

Whether your new to business or an existing female entrepreneur, I GUARANTEE this guide will help you better understand what your biz fear is and the 1st action you need to take so you can tell your biz fear KICK ROCKS, achieve Wilder Success faster and know how to find the right help to make the impossible POSSIBLE!

Have an Idea for a Biz But, Not Sure Where to Start? New to Being a Woman Owned Biz? Stuck Scaling Your Biz to the Next Level? Ready to Achieve Wilder Success? Let's Face the Fear Together with This Guide Sis!


-Business women on a budget hire support teams

-Successful female entrepreneurs get organized, simply tasks and find time to work on their biz

-Proven ways to feel more confident talking about your biz so you can attract more people and make more sales

-How confidently determine which biz idea to start with first so you don't waste or money

-Uber easy steps to stop feeling afraid of failure, success and haters so you can stay focused


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3 founding biz principles

Solid Spiritual Foundation

Solid-Proven Biz Strategy

Supportive Sistahood

inside our sistahood we help you achieve wilder success

Based on our 3 founding principles

How May We Help Ya Today Sis?

Spiritual Foundation

Experience More Peace

Spiritual Peace Journey, Christian Biz Strategy, Purpose, Gratitude, Prayer, Bible Study, Journaling, Spiritual Inspiration and more

Proven Business Strategies

Build Your Biz

Business Essentials, Biz Idea, Biz Fears, Goals, Planning, Teams, Audience Identification, Systems, Customer Service, Industry Updates, Sales Strategy, Marketing Plan, Media, Social Media, Brand Strategy, Biz Audit and more

Supportive Sistahood

Grow Your Biz

Sistership (friends + family), inspirational quotes, collaboration, share your biz fear, ask questions, receive support and more


Help You Make the Impossible POSSIBLE!

Hi ya sis, Gwendolen here. I'm busy behind the curtain adding new videos, scripts and text content from our Facebook Groups and other juicy snippet videos from inside our Impossible to Possible Women Members Club into our FREE AI database I lovingly refer to as our Biz Bestie to help you get the answers you want and need to get past your biz fears so you can achieve Wilder Success faster.

Everyone inside our FB Group will get access to our monthly Sista Chat...But if you become a FREE Members Club Sista; you will get access to way more like access to past videos, freebies, special and so much more like our new AI technology....

How Will This AI Technology Help You: Once your become a member; you will now have the ability to ask a specific question anytime you wish and immediately receive answers based on 100+ previous videos and content created by me, a Certified Business Strategist | Certified National Media Expert | Best-selling Coauthor.

This is your SECRET weapon! It's like having me in your back pocket and literally what will set you apart from others in your industry.

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Work with a Proven Certified Business Strategist and Certified National Media Expert. Gwendolen is the Only Business Coach You Need to Launch and Grow Fast! Work with Gwendolen so she can show you how to become the true entrepreneurial spirit you dreamed of being using her expert guidance and resources that will help you with stress-free biz planning, craft juicy content, create profitable offers and strategize consistent growth!

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