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Discover your biz calling to see what God can do through you!

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start a spiritual peace journey as a female entrepreneur...

The Girls Trip to Peace group coaching program corresponds back to various scriptures I read during my personal bible study and inspirational sermons ministered by my own spiritual leaders from Elevation Church , as well as other sermon's I've heard from other amazing church leaders over time. I've had memberships previously, but none to this degree and they always seemed to lack one key element that I felt was the true source of all of my success...a Spiritual Foundation which explores what Peace is, how to attain it (keep it) and use it to support biz growth as a Christian female entrepreneur. 

My belief, action and faith in God is why I feel I've been so successful whether it was making a $5 sale or winning a $5M joint venture contract.

For me, hearing sermons focused on, "Unshakeable Hope, Purpose and Faith" were the confirmations I'd been praying for from God to help me launch this signature Girls Trip to Peace experience in 2022 for my private clients. As gratitude to God, I'm sharing my personal bible study lesson plans and the strategy of how I live in peace daily (despite peace stealers and biz fears) and attract an abundance of biz success using spiritual practices based on a Peace-Purpose-Profits. 

The Girls Trip to Peace program includes my personal  "Bibles and Bubbly" Bible Study lessons that help strengthen my relationship with the Lord, Ensure I Make God a Priority in My Life AND her my personal Spiritual Peace Journey to make sure I enjoy ME Time along the way of fulfilling my purpose...and now I want to share it with you regardles sof what membership level you join our monthly members club!

It's time to learn the specific skills and mindset techniques you need to create a successful, 6-figure business that serves you, your family and customers deeply... makes you generous amounts of money and above all keeps God at the center of it all!

This is the Framework to See What God Can Do Through You. Discover how to use my signature FaithX biz Strategy to follow your vision from God, use your gifts and purpose in accordance to God's plan to become a female entrepreneur.

This spiritual coaching program will help you Develop a Christian CEO Mindset, Believe in Yourself, Live in Peace and Attract Biz Abundance with Gratitude!

Oh and best of all- fall more in love Jesus, understand your Godly purpose and feel more connected to the Holy Spirit every day!

How awesome is that?!

You can always create what your spiritual peace journey looks like

Purpose can be found even in chaos

You Are Designed to Be Abundantly Blessed Beautiful!

The Girls Trip to Peace experience is more than just woo woo woo meditation or journaling. This program helps you to

Refresh and refocus for the month. We've updated our program and

can't wait to share more of our fav scriptures, sermons and more!

Spiritual Peace Journey

Start Your Spiritual Peace Journey to strengthen your relationship with the Lord so you can find more peace in your life daily and balance your life and work.

Balance Peace & Purpose

Stretch Your Faith Towards the Lord, Lean into Your Biz Calling and Feel Supported by Your Sistas as Your Challenge Yourself to Stay Focused on Your Purpose and Enjoy Your Peace

Spiritual Biz Strategy

See What God Can Do Through You. How to use the FaithX biz Strategy to follow your vision from God to become a female entrepreneur [using your gifts and purpose in accordance to God's plan].

Bible Study Lessons

Gwendolen's personal bible study series and journal prompts inspired by her church, other pastors and fav sermons designed to empower you to see Something Good Is Coming From This, Something Good IS HERE RIGHT NOW and How to Find Miracles in Biz Fear.

Spiritual Inspiration

Spiritual support via our posts and blog to stay in faith about your biz. Weekly Inspiration Posts are turned into spiritual blog posts based upon business and life with referenced scriptures and strategies to enhance your spiritual peace journey

Spiritual Sistahood

Private member portal and Facebook groups for our spiritual community of women regardless if they are in business or not -so they will have a safe space to strengthen their relationship with the Lord, have other women cheering them on to

Watch This Confidence Video From My Pastor

Steven Furtick

This motivational track from Steven Furtick Pastor, Elevation Church will remind you that you’re fighting with power, strength, and victory, so nothing the enemy throws at you can stop you. It’s available now, wherever you listen to music.

Use it to remind you that you can Make the Impossible Possible!

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Lifetime FREE Members Club EXCLUSIVELY for our female entrepreneurs regardless if you are a Christian or not. This is for you if you are ready to get help with

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Hop into our FREE Facebook Group to chat about your biz fears and watch videos from Gwendolen as she shares her signature biz frameworks below to help you Turn Your Biz Fear into a Positive Profitable Biz Opportunity!



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Spiritual Peace Journey

Spiritual Biz Coaching

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This coaching is a bonus for all Monthly and Weekly Private Coaching Clients helping you develop a Christian Mindset and Business. Includes spiritual guidance, prayers, plans, private coaching sessions from Gwendolen and her top female entrepreneur experts and so much more. This is the most optimal type of a spiritual biz training for female entrepreneurs, This program has goals, schedules, weekly sessions and the accountability and support you want to support you through the stages of starting and scaling your business. Where two or three gather so is God and when you have a private coach praying for you every step of the way using the bible to fight biz fears; you'll be steps ahead of your competition with God's favor!

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Our founder

Gwendolen Wilder

Who Am I...

Country gurl who believed in God

I'm also the founder of the Impossible to Possible Women sistahood, Author of It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence, Co-Author of the Best-Selling Book Stand up and Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying, lover of jalepenos-n-popcorn, painting, hiking and so much much more ...

I'm a Biz Coach too...

Trusted God with my spiritual gifts

I've been on this Girls Trip to Success for 35+ years working in the world of Human Resources and Female Entrepreneurship. And even though I was able to receive a $5M joint-venture client contract within 6 months of starting my business...my road to success was riddled with a ton of debt, living paycheck to paycheck, domestic violence and sexual assault. I almost gave up on my purpose and dream to be a business owner and breaking the generational curse of poverty...does my story sound a bit familiar to ya?

Just a Gurl Living on Purpose

Picked up my mat and found peace

I Suffered from Low Self-Confidence and Financial Struggles After My Abuse...But, I didn't let that stop me from making the impossible POSSIBLE. I knew I was a good person and my life was meant for more, because I wanted more. And I remember praying to God if he could just help me to escape my negative situations I’d do my best to use my experiences to help others leave their traumatic, negative environments whether it was a result of work or home matters.

Live Your Best Blessed Life™ Purpose and Prayer

7 Day Bible Study Challenge



Live Your Best Blessed Life: with Purpose and Prayer

Find Your Purpose, Stay on Purpose, Balance Your Peace and Purpose. Strengthen Your Relationship with the Lord to See What God Can Do Through You!

Learn what tools you need to start a spiritual peace journey that helps you find your purpose and strengthen your relationship with the Lord,

Discover how to use prayer, bible study and journaling to help uncover your purpose.

Breakdown the mystery behind achieving purpose and the benefits of being on purpose,

Discover Gwendolen's 7 pillars of purpose and how they help you pray more intentionally and study your bible more strategically so you can ensure your purpose is in accordance to God's ultimate plan

And So Much More!!

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