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Efficient Networking (Even if you don't feel like it)

If you’ve been struggling with trying to

Find places to network, be prepared to connect with potential leads and understand how to turn them into sales... then you’re going to love this training and it’s going to be so helpful to set you up for success in 2023!

Jam packed with lessons that Juju and Gwendolen learned from their own past mistakes, heartbreak and success wins, this members club will help you avoid feeling confused, overwhelmed and struggling trying to figure out how to plan your monthly goals so you can achieve even more than you thought was imaginable.

With their signature coaching styles, hilarious stories, easy to implement goal plans and always positive personalities; Juju and Gwendolen give each female entrepreneur the attention she deserves, wants and needs on how to successfully achieve her goals in shifting to a positive mindset, connecting to the right people, building a business with solid-proven business essentials and top industry client attraction strategies.

These two powerhouse women bring the success goals strategies you need to achieve success in 2023 -based not only on their personal life experiences and 20+ years of professional expertise as business owners but, everything they've learned during their combined 40+ years as retired United States Air Force Veterans.

Juju and Gwendolen's "It's Wednesday Up in Here" aka out of the box approach to achieving goals along with their crazy sense of humor will definitely have you believing you can create the business you always wanted, balance your work and life, leave a legacy of wealth for your family and discover the awesome feeling of positively impacting your community!

Wouldn't it Be Cool If Things Were Like This Instead...

How amazing would it be if things were like this instead?

Having different ways to plan your goals that's not stressful, different types of trainings to watch with step-by-step actions and so many printables i.e. planners, calendar, etc. based on your goals to explore that you literally wake up smiling, relaxed and excited to work on planning and achieving your goals.

Wouldn't it be cool if things were like this instead?

Teaming up with Juju and Gwendolen who bring to the table a combined international community of 7K+ female entrepreneurs, 2 published books, 2K+ email subscribers, 1 co-authored bestseller, 6-Figure success and this new powerhouse Members Club they launched in 2023 with all the tools you need inside a private, safe, empowering and uber friendly sistahood full of the people that you can collaborate with and will become life long friends with (customers too).

Your Biz success would soar higher if things were like this instead?

Accessibility to chat with Biz Besties in-person and virtually so they can help you get really clear on your BIG monthly goal. chatting with ladies that believe in you and want to help you plan your life and business goals so you can confidently face your obstacles, successfully build your business and scale it to the next level.

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When the clock ends so does this introductory offer and bonuses.

The price will automatically increase to $97/Month

Hang with Your Biz Besties....

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

The Biz Bestie Brunch will empower you to...

  • Receive accountability from a positive source, learn to let go of those self-doubting negative vibes, and find the weekly guidance you need to achieve your monthly goals

  • Believe in your biz dream when faced with business obstacles and when no one else supports your biz dream

  • Confidently plan one BIG monthly goal, and strategically tackle it using smaller more manageable goals until you successfully crush it

  • Connect with other goal achieving female entrepreneurs that are serious about turning their biz dreams into a reality

It's the perfect balance of brunch, fun, and simple step-by-step plans to help you crush your goals. The Biz Bestie Brunch is just the experience you were looking for to help you navigate the crazy world of becoming a female entrepreneur so you can live the life you want to live.

But more than that, Juju and Gwendolen will show you that no matter how big your biz fears are your biz goals can be just as BIG TOO!

Here from Juju + Gwendolen below -why they are soooo excited to introduce this experience unlike any other -and see what's inside...

Biz Bestie Brunch!

🤓Shift Your Mindset From Dreaming to Doing:

Mindset is a crucial factor in planning your goals. If you don’t understand your own limiting beliefs holding you back, Or how to balance your peace and purpose- how will you ever move past your obstacles so you can achieve your goals? (We Help You Identify Your Obstacles and How to Take Action on Them.)

🤓Plan to Achieve Your Monthly Goal: Discover the secret to achieving success... getting your goals organized helps you develop a successful game plan so you can achieve more tasks than you thought imaginable faster and easier. (We Help You Outline Your Tasks and How to Feel Less Stress Planning.)

🤓Build a Business You Luv (and are proud of):

It makes no sense to crush your goals, discover your purpose, identify your skills and not share your awesomeness with the world. Build your business with solid-proven business essentials and client attraction methods. This allows you to confidently showcase your biz and effortlessly attract those people who are already vibrating at the same frequency as you. (We Help You Create a Truly Unique Biz Plan that Resonates with Your Right Audience)

🤓Leverage Your Connections: Once you’re in your groove sharing your biz publicly, it’s time to take it up a notch to connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses but, in a way that feels comfortable for you. This is how you reach a wider audience and get more eyeballs on your business (We Help You Get Excited about Connecting with Others in Natural Way.)

We created this members club - to take the confusion and stress out of understanding how to plan a goal over 30 days and beyond.

If you have lots of dreams, goals, and ideas but, you just need to get them out of your head, organized and want to receive positive support along the way...

This members club which is LIVE in-person which includes an online experience will help you go from being afraid of dreaming to confidently achieving your goals!

We really are passionate about helping you and we're so excited to see all the amazing achievements, results and transformations you’ll achieve from sharing your goals, planning tasks and achieving success as female entrepreneur.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

See What This Beautiful Lady Had to Say


Kimberly Newell Greene

Great job today! Love what you’ve created! I’m excited. Literally feel like I showed up today lost with ideas and left with a plan. Thank you!!

Here’s what you’ll get when you're inside our Members Club:

This content is available right now!



In-Person Brunch

Meet Juju and Gwendolen in-person monthly at one of their fav eateries so you can receive a complimentary drink, delicious meal and enjoy awesome sistahood while planning your BIG goals with your Biz Besties

Value: $147



Biz Bestie Booster Training

For the virtual experience, Juju and Gwendolen each Pre-Record a 30 Min Customized Training Video which elaborates more on the topics they shared during the live brunch

Value: $497



Masterclass + Goal Plan

Pre-recorded 30 min Masterclasses and goal planner based on mindset, connection, business essentials and client attraction so you can crush your goals and never have to worry about the “fear of starting or failing”, not being able to maintain results, or attracting that good Juju to your biz or achieving wilder success!!

Value: $597



LIVE Goal Planning Sessions

Meet Juju and Gwendolen in-person at one of their fav eateries to receive LIVE training on exactly what you need so you don't waste your precious time, energy and money on unnecessary strategies or wondering what to do!

Value: $797


Private Portal

Triple Sista Accountability

Juju and Gwendolen use a private members portal to host your experience, store goodies, hold you accountable with weekly checkins and encourage you to connect and collaborate with other members so you stay on track to meet your monthly goals

Value: $997


Private Facebook Group

International Sistahood

Private Facebook Groups for paid members to receive weekly encouragement, empowerment, collaborate and chat directly with Gwendolen and Juju anytime they need assistance

Value: Priceless



Here's Why You Want to Be Inside our Members Club 🤩

Basically this is the online Swag Bag + Netflix of female entrepreneur secrets, providing you the education you need to kickstart your transformation and maintain it all month long (and beyond)!

All of the bonus content is based on mindset, connection, business essentials and client attraction and will help you with your business and life- so you can confidently achieve your monthly goals with ease.

The bundle comes with blank printables you can download and use to support your journey.

And every month, a NEW checklist + planner are added

  • Biz Bestie Private class private community to access training and resources

  • Success Goal Planners...No matter how big your goals or what you’re trying to achieve, setting goals is the most powerful thing you can do to make sure that you get to where you want to be. This is the perfect tool to help you get clear on your goals and the milestones you need to hit to make them happen.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners...Once your goals are set, it’s time to get clear on the daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to tick off the list to make sure you hit those milestones and achieve those goals. These planners will help you to get organized so that you can be super intentional about how you’re using your time and make sure you’re taking steps towards your dreams every single day.

  • To-Do-List...Nothing feels as good as checking tasks off your to do list and getting organized about what you need to work on every day. Use this tool to turn that jumble of thoughts and to-dos in your brain into a clean and clear list! Give yourself clarity and peace of mind that everything is listed and taken care-of.

  • Habit Tracker...When we want to be successful in the long-term, we need to focus on the short-term habits that will help us to show up as the person we need to be.
    When you decide to adopt positive new habits, it’s so useful to have a way of tracking that you’re sticking to your new commitments and this tool will help you do exactly that.

  • Daily Journal...In order to connect with ourselves and get clear on what’s working and what isn’t in our lives, it’s so important to take a few moments each day to reflect on what’s happening. This daily journal with prompts is the perfect tool to help you connect with your feelings, practice gratitude, remind yourself of your goals, build confidence and keep a clear mind, day after day.

  • 30 Day Planner...Use this value-packed planner to plan out the best month ever! Simply follow the questions step by step and dream up a plan to achieve your goals.

  • 90 Day Planner...3 months is the perfect amount of time to make some serious progress on your goals. This workbook will help you to create a plan to create so much success.



This is How You Achieve Monthly Goals

A total value of: ($1497)

Join now for just $37 ($197/Month)

3 Day FREE Trial Period

1 Monthly 90 Min In-Person Brunch (training, meal, drink)

1 Monthly 60 Min On-line Training

2 Monthly 30 Min Masterclasses (pre-recorded by Juju + Gwendolen)

1 Monthly Themed Masterclass + Planner

1 Bonus Bundle (Planners, Journals, Calendars, etc.)

1 Private Member Portal (direct access to Juju + Gwendolen)

1 Private Facebook Group (weekly accountability)

1 Connection Opportunity

and More

3 Day FREE Trial Period

Biz Bestie Brunch Members Club (Everything listed)

1 Tailored Biz Plan (outlines how to build/scale your biz)

1 Speaker Portal (you go live + post sharing your biz weekly)

1 Biz Feature (blog article + shared in marketing to 1M+ globally)

1 Monthly 60 Min On-line LIVE Mastermind (share biz fear=get answers)

5 Group Coaching Programs (branding, marketing, sales)

100 Plus 30 Min Masterclasses (exclusively by Juuu + Gwendolen)

1 Private Member Portal (direct access to Gwendolen)

1 Private Facebook Group (Weekly Accountability)

and More

Hop in Before the Countdown Ends🥳

When the clock ends so does this introductory offer and bonuses.

The price will automatically increase to $97/Month

Say Hello to Your Biz Besties....

Meet Juju Rafii

Founder, Empowered Boss Babes

Juju is a Personal Development & Mindset Expert, Speaker and Published Author. Her book titled "Weekend Warrior: Going to Visit My Mom", empowers children and parents to make a to make a positive experience out of families living in separate homes. In her co-authored book/journal/planner titled, "Strong Brave Beautiful: Phenomenal Women Inspiring The World With Their True Stories Of Strength, Faith, Resilience, and Courage", she helps empower women dealing with adversity from all walks of life. Juju is best known as the Founder of the 5K+ members Empowered Boss Babe community where she brings women together though over a dozen communities across 3 countries, online and in-person, to support female entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional women. Get more "good Juju" and learn about her work at:

Learn more about Juju and her business


Juju's Biz Bestie Brunch Masterclass Content and Bonus Collection Includes access to her signature coaching frameworks such as the following:

Mindset/Personal Development (Juju Rafii Coaching):

Use Juju's "Mindset Mastery" method to become unstuck and help you learn how to fully take control of your life, commit to never-ending improvement, get clear on your purpose, and avoid feeling overwhelmed or indecisive on which direction to go next in life/biz so you can transform into women ready to live their best lives.

Female Community Connection (EBB):

Strategies to help you learn how to tap into your community for empowering local and online business connections; networking so you can find your tribe to help you grow your biz, plus personal and professional development.

Meet Gwendolen Wilder

Founder, Impossible to Possible Women

Gwendolen is a Certified Business Strategist, Published Author, Best-selling Co-Author of books focused on awareness for Domestic Violence and Workplace Violence and most known for winning a $5M joint-venture contract within 6 months of starting her first business and as the Founder of the 2K+ Impossible to Possible Women sistahood where she empowers struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs using her signature branding, marketing and sales strategies so they can confidently tell their biz fears (obstacles) to KICK ROCKS and acquire financially independence which leads to finally Living Your Best Blessed Life.

Learn more about Gwendolen and her business at:

Gwendolen's Biz Bestie Brunch Masterclass Content and Bonus Collection Includes: Access to her signature coaching frameworks such as the following:

Wilder Success Strategy: Business Essential Strategies that help you start a business by understanding how to Work a Wilder Plan, Identify Your Audience, Learn Automation, Design Wilder Offers, Energize Your Audience, Review, Revise and Repeat that continues to help you scale your business.

Wilder Storytelling: Brand Story strategies to help you learn how to tell your story in a way that attracts more clients to your brand so you can create a marketing plan that will put your story to work for you straight away, reaching the perfect client for you.

V2 Client Attraction Strategy: Marketing and Sales strategy to help you learn how to  showcase your expertise, Go Live on Social Media and Create Your Sales Strategy.

Become a Biz Bestie: Joint Venture relationship building strategies which is all about showcasing your expertise using in-person and online presentations. The fastest way is to become a community influencer that loves to volunteer and give value.

Still on the fence about it?

3 Day Trial (for diddly squat)

If you join us and you’re not satisfied here is what we’ll offer you...

Try it out for 3 calendar days. Let's be clear...our style of coaching is not for everyone! To make sure our products, programs and services are a great perfect fit for you -simply hop in and give us whirl. But, if you're not feeling this is a good match- no problem... cancel anytime during the 3 day trial period (But, we kinda think you'll luv us.)


Gurl, I Still Got Questions...

That's cool...just ask away using the chat bot we call BB (biz bestie) or on our Facebook Group Biz Page >>Click Here>> and let's chat about your future success and peace or email us at

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What If I've Not Started My Biz Yet...

There's no such thing as being 100% ready and we don't expect it... 

if you don't have a single word written yet and if you haven't formed your business yet; it's absolutely Ok beautiful...

We meet you where you are! We're here to help you learn "How to Plan Your Goals" that means it's a journey and you hop on from where you are right now...all female entrepreneurs are welcomed!

Except those not willing to work for their success, not willing to accept that we share our biz fears to empower other women, or that our biz is founded upon my personal beliefs...then no, you're not welcomed!

FAQ image

Is This Stuff Really Going to Help Me...

You don't have to take our word on this...all we're going to say is...visit our individual websites to see how the strategies we're going to teach you helped us as well as past clients...

And take a look at the testimonials on this page or our website from my past happy clients on how the information we plan shared has helped them to achieve their goals

FAQ image

Am I Going to Really Get to Work w/ You Two Every Week...

You know we love you right? Yes you will meet us Live in-person monthly at Brunch. Just keep in mind; we're business owners, author, speaker, consultant, coach, mother, wife, dating and balancing our peace too...just like you.

And because of that...we have to limit our time with you beautiful. You can ask us questions anytime inside our private FB group. You'll also get to see us weekly during our monthly during live coaching brunch, and whenever we're jumping inside the Facebook groups to motivate you.

FAQ image

Is This For Me...

Hey you...YEAH YOU...stop living in fear, stressed out, overwhelmed and not going for that dream!

Do you like making others happy-this is perfect for you!

Do you like working with other people-perfect fit!

Do you want to create products, programs or services-this is your fam sista!

Do you like making money to pay your bills-you better join now!

Do you enjoy learning from other people that have already failed and succeeded at what you're trying to do-come on lady you know what I'm going to say..this is your new life waiting right!!

This is totally for you if you're done with letting other people or situations control your life success and steal your peace...this is so for you right now!

FAQ image

Can I Get My Money Back...

Nope....I'm sure this might frighten some of you away...if so...Bye

We only want to work with secure, serious entrepreneurs ready to make success decisions. 

Here's the reason we say Nope..once you pay that's it...It don't matter if it's full or flex plan (It's your responsibility to cancel flex plan or you'll still be charged).

Here's our thought process on this..if you're serious about making a'll make serious adult success decisions and take risks to Make ALL Things Possible.

We're taking a risk hosting our sessions, giving you immediate access to digital products and bringing in all these biz bestie goodies for you.

You're going to receive a ton of valuable content instantly upon purchase; even before the coaching begins.

And we're pouring in some serious original content, our secret sauce tips and processes our 8 Figure business coaches have shared with us. That's a lot of proven success strategies you're receiving that you could rock out and start achieving success with right away....we gotta charge for those sis!

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