How to Confidently Turn Your Biz Dreams into Sales.

This is the Wonder Woman of all FREE Trainings! If you’ve been struggling with trying to generate more leads and sales... then you’re going to love this workshop and it’s going to be so helpful to set you up for success in 2023!

This is the same framework I used! Confidently identify your #1 biz fear, map out your sales strategy and attract more people to your biz. Outline your unique biz plan so you can start and audit your businesses using the same signature biz strategies in marketing, branding and sales that I used to get awarded a $5M joint venture contract within 6 months of starting my first business, $10K private clients, $1500/hr guest speaks and achieve other amazing biz goals --- so you can generate more income!

➡️ 3 Days.
➡️ Live training from Gwendolen daily.

➡️ Daily homework assignments + answers.

➡️ Safe space to ask your questions.

➡️ The most comprehensive workbook ever.

➡️ Bonus strategies and daily prizes.

➡️ A private sistahood community.
➡️ And a ton of clarity on how to get organized, be more productive, achieve more goals, reach a wider audience, create offers, feel more confident and turn your brand story into a successful sales system.

💞DAILY BONUS: I created a list of 21 sales tips that helped me attract 10K clients. I am gifting everyone inside my FB Group this free planner containing these must-have tips only until Jan 13th/3pm cst.

Zero fluff. All action.

➡️ Identify exactly what your #1 biz fear is and how to get past it

➡️ Learn about the Wilder Success Strategy and how to turn what you know into a successful biz offer (even if you don't consider yourself an "expert")

➡️ How to do market research and figure out where your audience hangs out so you can share your biz with them

➡️ What your brand story aka sales pitch needs to include in order to sell your offers like hotcakes (and get more people referring your biz and making more sales)

➡️ Sketch out your entire client sales journey using the Wilder Client Transformation Blueprint (all in one afternoon- bring sticky notes gurl!)

➡️ Attract a wider audience (no fancy tech stuff required sista!) so leads can start checking out your biz



Who is This Training For:

➡️ Women thinking about becoming a biz owner
➡️ Female Entrepreneurs that already started a biz

➡️ Boss Babes that feel stuck as they are scaling a biz

➡️ Ladies that has ever felt afraid, overwhelmed or struggle with being a biz owner

Certified Business Strategist, Best-Selling CoAuthor, Peace Expert...

✅Founder of 1,200+ international sistahood of Impossible to Possible Women

✅Awarded a $5M Joint Venture Contract w/i 6 months of starting business after using this signature Sales System

✅2000 + female entrepreneurs coached on how to turn biz fear into actual profits

✅Created a signature 3 Step Brand Story Framework which easily attracts ideal clients #bizfearspecialist #brandstoryexpert

What You Will Learn in This LIVE Workshop

🧨 Tell Your Biz Fear KICK ROCKS. Gwendolen will help you to identify your #1 biz fear that is keeping you from attracting the right audience to your business, how to deal with people that don't believe in your biz dream and what you need to implement immediately [WARNING: This is how you become more Confident!]

💰 Increase Your Money-Making Potential. Outline your step-by-step business essentials strategy and audit method so you can build your biz with a solid foundation and nurture your audience to buy your offers in a way that feels right to you and them (this is how you avoid feeling salesy).

🤓 Share Your Brand Story Even When Shy. You will leave the workshop with the must-have marketing blueprint consisting of the 3 ways that helps you stand out from the competition in your industry even when you don't feel like meeting in person (this is how Gwendolen makes sales as an introvert)

🏆 Outline Your Unique Sales Strategy. During the workshop, you will learn how to confidently outline your personal sales system to automatically pre-qualify your leads so you know you are attracting the right people to the right offers (this is what makes closing sales easier (and grab a list of the Top 35 sales objections we face as female entrepreneurs)

Fast Track Email List Building. In the Live training, discover the top reasons why people may not be attracted to your business and how to change that today. Learn the biggest secret to Gwendolen's Wonder Woman ability to grow her email list in her business (no business degree or certifications necessary)

👩🏽‍💻 Craft Your Simple Social Media Strategy. Learn how to chat with your audience online in a way that feels natural and authentic to you and leave knowing the exact next steps to take with your 3 Day Challenge strategies so you can start hearing more Cha-Ching $$$.

🚀 Fuel Your Lead Gen. Outline a biz growth plan which will help you scale your business at a pace that is comfortable for you (this is how not to feel afraid of success).

BONUS💞#1: Learn how Gwendolen filled her Facebook Group with brand new ready-to-email leads that led to $2K+ in one week (all without paid ads)

BONUS💞#2: Find out the success steps Gwendolen used to receive her $5M joint venture contract within 6 months of starting her first business (and how she uses this process as a biz audit process to change up her biz plan to land a $10K private client, $12k client, etc.)

Daily Prizes🎁 Watch and Win Daily During the Live Challenge!! Everyone that shows up LIVE can compete for daily prizes (even the replay people can compete inside email during the LIVE launch of this workshop- no excuses not to watch the videos sista and try to WIN!!)

Don't Miss This Training ...Grab Your Spot Now!

This information has helped so many female entrepreneurs and you are next!

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