Gwendolen Empowers Struggling, Overwhelmed and Terrified Female Entrepreneurs to Confidently Tell Their Biz Fears KICK ROCKS so they can Become More Organized, Financially Independent and Successful!

Impossible to Possible Women™ Members Club is Gwendolen's founding membership community which helps female entrepreneurs write, tell and sell their brand story using 30 days of amazing social media content planning. This experience combines your Biz Fear + Brand Story + Social Media + Television Appearances into an incredible and powerful tools to help you create awesome content, increase your visibility, grow your audience and nurture customer relationships. This is the coaching program that will hold you accountable with goal planning and help you face your biz fears, understand business essentials, latest industry standards on how to attract the right audience, how to deal with sales objections and finally figure out how to stay organized as you continue to scale your biz to the next level of success.

Are you a New Business Owner....

Are you an Existing Female Entrepreneur...

Does this sound like you?

😳 You are frustrated and afraid because you don't know how to get past your biz obstacles and you feel like like a failure and maybe you should go get a real job.

😳 You struggle with posting consistent content every day on social media and you feel like pulling your hair out and giving up.

😳 You struggle every day with authentically sharing your brand story online- coming up with fresh, new and original ways and you feel like you keep missing the mark.

😳 You struggle every day finding that right balance of how to write your brand story in a way that it's valuable to your audience and it feels so bad you'd rather have a tooth extracted in a dentist chair.

😳 You struggle every day with trying to figure out if the story you shared resulted in successful conversions and this feels like that time you were waiting for your final exam results in college.

😳 You struggle everyday with coming up with ways to get past sales objections you hear from potential customers and it feels like you'll have a better chance finding the Titanic jewel before you ever make a sale.

😳 You struggle with receiving the support you want and need from friends and family as you build your biz dream and it feels like a constant battle everyday to keep yourself motivated, keep them informed and to hurry up and make a sale to justify your dream

If so....Keep Reading sis so you can see how to change this! 😃

How amazing would it be if things were like this instead?

Having different ways to grow on social media, different types of content to create and so many ideas based on your brand story to explore that you literally wake up smiling, relaxed and excited to work on sharing your brand story on your social media content plan.

Wouldn't it be cool if things were like this instead?

Getting really clear on your ideal audience and sharing your brand story and offers inside a safe, empowering and uber friendly sistahood full of the people that you will be creating your social media content specifically for.

Your Biz success would soar higher if things were like this instead?

Chatting with Biz Besties that helps you identify your monthly goals that relate to your business and interest your audience so that you can consistently create content around your favorite brand stories.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

We all know how time-consuming and overwhelming creating content based around your brand can be...

"How often would you realistically need to plan and create content?" This is one of the #1 questions female entrepreneurs ask me when it comes to sharing their brand story online. Which is quickly followed by, "I have no idea what my brand story aka brand message is".

Everyone wants to be uber successful on social media; and you can. It all begins with your brand story. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Inside our Members Club, we’ll be using this signature strategies to help you go through a simple way to write, tell and sell your brand story online so that you always know what to share, when and how, without feel embarrassed, getting overwhelmed or stuck with last-minute posting-panic!

If you want to learn how to effectively use your Brand Story and Social Media to market your biz, attract a wider audience and make more'll want to be in this members club!

*Founding Member Enrollment Now Open*

A total value of: ($12,997)

Join now for just $197 ($297/Month)


Before the Countdown Ends

🥳Receive Bonus Coaching

When the clock ends so does this special and bonuses.

I'm merging the best of the best of my Member Clubs and it benefits you! Make sure to join us before the clock runs out and I'll give ya a BONUS Coaching Session for Free (Value: $997)

When the clock ends so does this special offer sista!


  • 60 Min Private Coaching Sessions (so you can share your biz fear, goals, receive on the spot coaching AND step-by-step recommendations from Gwendolen)

  • 30 Min Private Goal Planning Session (Meet with Gwendolen and her Biz Bestie Juju Rafii-Ebdrup so you can plan the best way to achieve your goals faster)

  • 1 Wilder Success Plan (Signature Biz Blueprint Tailored to Your Biz Fears + Goals)

  • 1 Guest Speaker Portal (access to go live + post weekly inside 1.2K+ Facebook community, blog article and listed in VIP Directory featured to 1M+ female entrepreneurs)

  • 1 Signature Goal Planning Strategy + Approach + Planner (EXCLUSIVELY taught by Juju + Gwendolen -mindset, business essentials, connection, client attraction)

  • 200+ Group Coaching Masterclasses (Pre-recorded training based on business essentials, client attraction, Facebook and social media)

  • 2 Monthly Masterclasses (1 Theme, pre-recorded trainings based on branding, marketing, sales, media and spiritual business strategies )

  • 2 Monthly Brunches (Meet Gwendolen + Juju for a 60 Min Zoom Q&A Sesh or 90 Min in-person training with 1 meal, 1 drink, 1 door prize)

  • 1 Monthly Connection Meetup (collab + connect with other members in-person and on-line)

  • 1 Biz Bestie Bonus Bundle (Planners, Journals, Checklists, Calendars, etc.)

  • 1 Private Member Portal (direct access to Juju + Gwendolen, resources, etc.)

  • 3 Private Facebook Groups (daily empowerment + accountability + safe space to practice livestreams, posts, etc.)

    and Loads More!!

Hot Off The Press: Our Next Masterclass

I’m soooo excited to introduce our next Masterclass focused on how to Find the Time to Get Organized in Your Biz and how to Confidently Talk About Your Biz Using Social Media (and Media) Platforms.

It's OK to Tell My Story!

🤓Shifting From Impossible to Possible Women Mindset:

Mindset is a crucial factor in sharing your brand story. If you don’t understand your own limiting beliefs holding you back, how will you ever move past them to write, tell and sell your story? (This is how you learn the seven common self-limiting beliefs– and take action on them.)

🤓Getting Organized As a Solopreneur:

Starting a biz on a budget by yourself can be both exciting, overwhelming and scary as heck. It's natural to build your biz by yourself in the beginning but, if you want to successfully grow your dream to the next level sis you gotta get organized in both your professional and personal brands (This is how you identify what you have to get done, determine the urgency and how to make it happen on a budget that works for you, your biz and customers)

🤓Writing Your Unbelievable Brand Story:

Discover how looking deep into your soul helps you develop an irresistible offer and social media content plant that stands out–and one that is also extremely marketable? (This is How You Scale Toward Your Desires)

🤓Attracting Your Wilder Audience Using Social Media:

It makes no sense on figuring out your life’s calling, then hiding your story. Show up in your business and life to effortlessly attract those people who are already vibrating at the same frequency as you. (This is How You Create a Truly Unique Brand Story Online Using Such Platforms as Facebook so Your Message Resonates with the Right Followers)

🤓Leveraging Your Wilder Brand Story:

Once you’re in your groove sharing your brand story, it’s time to take it up a notch to empower and inspire your community using speaking engagements (This is How You Get People to Naturally and Excitedly Reach Out Ready to Hire You and Buy Your Offers)

🥳And So Much More (Inside our members club, I share the step-by-step details of how I managed to be featured by every local media station in San Antonio TX, by Carrie Green, Founder Female Entrepreneur Association and hand-selected by Lynn Smith to be her Go-To-Expert in Business Coaching and Domestic Violence to appear on such national media platforms as CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show and more)

I created this Masterclass - to take the confusion and stress out of understanding your biz fear, brand story and planning your social media content for the next 30 days and beyond.

And I'm letting the monthly members club experience a BONUS private coaching (for a limited time) during my founding member launch

➡️60 Min Private Coaching (map out your biz success)

➡️Tailored Client Attraction Plan (Based on your biz fears + goals)

➡️Pre-recorded Brand Story Masterclass (videos and planner)

➡️Monthly Access Girls Trip to Success Members Club

➡️Monthly Access Access Biz Bestie Brunch Members Club

🥳Grab This Special Before My Founding Membership Closes 🥳

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed as a solopreneur doing everything yourself as you start and scale your biz because you're on a budget...


If you have lots of ideas but, you just need to figure out how to get them out of your head and how to get in front of your target audience...

This Girls Trip to Success Members Club will help you go from being afraid to confidently writing, telling and selling your brand story in no time!

I really want to help you and I’m so excited to see all the amazing achievements, results and transformations you’ll achieve from sharing your brand story on social media to achieve wilder success in your biz!


Before the Countdown Ends

🥳Receive Bonus Coaching

When the clock ends so does this special and bonuses.

I'm merging the best of the best of my Member Clubs and it benefits you! Make sure to join us before the clock runs out and I'll give ya a BONUS Coaching Session for Free (Value: $997)

When the clock ends so does this special offer sista!

Don't Take My Word For It...

See what these Boss Babes said about our sistahood

Here’s what you’ll get when you're inside our Mastermind:

These Masterclasses will help you reach a wider audience


30 Day

Biz Start + Scale + Audit Plan

Build and Audit your business with our solid-proven Wilder Success biz essential plan. Map our your entire client sales journey using our signature client transformation Blueprint focused on branding, marketing, organization and sales so you can confidently build your biz, sell to your ideal client and successfully scale to the next level. Easily plan how you will get past the Top 35 sales objections female entrepreneurs face in 1 day! You will get 7 strategies to help you share your offers using your amazing brand story. This is a Boss Babe power-house move!

Value: $597


30 Day

Social Media + Brand Story

Content Plan

Learn how to craft a unique sales pitch and brand story using our signature Wilder Storytelling Framework. Map out 30 days of incredible social media content for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest using your brand story so you can get productive, efficient with your time and grow an audience of superfans by pre-planning and batch-creating your social media content to help you share your amazing brand story on social media without even having to come up with the ideas yourself!

Value: $797



Mastermind + Masterclasses + Workshops

Come learn the latest industry strategies in branding, marketing, sales and Facebook during with over 100+ training classes which helps you turn your biz fears into positive profitable biz opportunities! Learn exactly how you can literally make sales in your business without knowing a lot of tech stuff,  paying for Facebook Ads or even having a finished product, program or service...

Value: $997



LIVE Goal Planning Sessions

Learn how to Start and Scale your biz using our goal planning strategies based on our signature: Wilder Success, Wilder Storytelling, V2 Client Attraction, Facebook Success, Mindset, Connection, Business Essentials and Client Attraction digested into easy-to-implement Planners, Challenges, Checklists, Masterclasses and Trainings

Value: $1497


VIP Members Directory

Speaker Visibility Bundle

Receive access to GO LIVE and share your knowledge, resources, and promote your biz offers weekly inside our FREE 1.2K+ Facebook Community. This is apart of our latest marketing efforts that helps boost your brand visibility across multiple platforms and in SEO Searches

Value: $1997


Private Facebook Groups

International Sistahood

Private Facebook Groups for paid members to receive encouragement, empowerment, collaborate and chat directly with Gwendolen and her Biz Bestie Juju Rafii, Founder of Empowered Boss Babes a 5K+ global networking community

Value: Priceless



Say hello to the upgraded and spiced up female entrepreneur way of attracting more people to your biz monthly!

Meet up with me LIVE for 60 Mins before you hop inside our members club to work on your Tailored Client Attraction Blueprint so I can help you map out your Branding, Marketing and Sales Plan...

This will help you feel more confident about how to face your biz fears, achieve your big goals and get ready to be the Go-To-Expert in your industry using solid-proven biz strategies.

>>Click here to learn more about members club>>

Here's a sneak peek inside our 60 Min Jam Sessions...

  • 60 Min Private Coaching Session based on your biz fears, goals and Group Coaching Programs inside our members club

  • Biz Review by Gwendolen so she can help you plan HOW to achieve your weekly biz goals

  • Walk away with Tailored Strategize to move past your personal biz obstacles, build your biz and successfully scale to the next level

  • Learn how to stay on track and avoid burnout

  • Signature Business Essentials + Client Attraction Strategies Exclusively taught by Gwendolen

  • Signature Social Media + Brand Story Strategies Exclusively taught by Gwendolen

  • Signature Marketing and Sales trends Gwendolen received coaching on from her biz coaches and brings back to you (Value: $25K+)


BONUS 🥳 #1

Private Coaching Session

This is How You Successfully

Face Your Biz Fears

It's the perfect balance of brunch, fun, and simple step-by-step plans to help you crush your goals.

The Biz Bestie Brunch is just the LIVE [Online and In-person] experience you were looking for to help you navigate the crazy world of becoming a female entrepreneur so you can live the life you want to live and share your amazing products, programs and services with your ideal audience.

But more than that, Juju and Gwendolen will show you that no matter how big your biz fears are...

Your biz goals can be just as BIG TOO!

  • Receive monthly accountability from a positive source, learn to let go of those self-doubting negative vibes, and find the weekly guidance you need to achieve your monthly goals

  • Believe in your biz dream when faced with business obstacles and when no one else supports your biz dream

  • Confidently plan one BIG monthly goal,

  • Strategically tackle it using smaller more manageable goals until you successfully crush it

  • Connect with other goal achieving female entrepreneurs that are serious about turning their biz dreams into a reality


Hang with Your Fav Biz Besties

This is How You Plan Your Monthly Goals

Grab It Before the Countdown Ends🥳

When the clock ends so does this special and bonuses.

I'm merging the best of the best of my Member Clubs and it benefits you! Make sure to join us before the clock runs out and I'll give ya a BONUS Coaching Session for Free (Value: $997)

When the clock ends so does this special offer sista!

*Gwendolen's Birthday Special is Now Open*

A total value of: ($2,997)

Join now for just $197 ($297/Month)

What Did Others Have to Say About Gwendolen's Work🥳

"Gwendolen was the guest speaker at our Boss Babes event and really knows how to ignite a fire within you. She connected with the women and helped them see the importance of just getting started and going after what they want..."

— Amber Toner

"Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves."

— Laura Campbell

"Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves."

— Andrella Pusha

Still on the fence about it?

1 FREE Day Members Club Trial (for diddly squat)

If you join us and you’re not satisfied here is what we’ll offer you...

Try it out the Members Club for 1 calendar day before you can book your private coaching session. Let me be products, programs and services are not for everyone! To make sure these are a perfect fit for you simply hop in and give us whirl. But, if you're not feeling this is a good match- no problem... cancel anytime during the 3 day trial period (But, I kinda think you'll luv us.)

>>Click here to learn more about members club>>


Gurl, I still got questions...

That's cool...just ask away inside our FacebookGroup and let's chat about your future success and peace or email me

FAQ image

What if I've not started my biz yet...

God don't need you to be 100% ready to fulfill his purpose and so how can I expect it... 

if you don't have a single word written yet and if you haven't formed your business yet; it's absolutely Ok beautiful...

I meet you where you are! I'm here to help you learn "How to Balance Your Peace and Purpose!" that means it's a journey and you hop on from where you are right now...all Boss Babes are welcomed!

Except those not willing to work for their success, not willing to accept that I share my biz fears to empower other women, or that my biz is founded upon my Christian beliefs...then no, you're not welcomed!

FAQ image

Is this stuff really going to help me...

You don't have to take my word on this...all I'm going to say the "About Gwendolen" section of my website to see how the strategies I'm going to teach you helped me...

And take a look at the testimonials on this page or my website from my past happy clients on how the information I've shared has helped them to move past biz fears and reach more peace.

FAQ image

Am I Going to Really Get to Work w/ You Every Week...

You know I love you right? Yes you will meet me Live. Just keep in mind; I'm a business owner, author, speaker, consultant, coach, mother, dating and balancing my peace too...just like you.

And because of that...I have to limit my time with you my beautiful. You can ask me questions anytime inside one of our two FB groups. You'll also get to see me weekly during the live FB group sista chats, monthly during live coaching workshops, and whenever I'm jumping inside the Facebook groups to motivate you. And monthly in-person during our Biz Bestie Brunches if you registered for that.

FAQ image

Is this. for me...

Hey you...YEAH YOU...stop living in fear, shame and guilt outside of your God given calling!!

Do you love the Lord and Jesus-this is perfect for you!

Don't have a relationship with God but, want to start one-this is perfect for you!

Don't know the Lord, don't care to and just want to learn about business stuff- this is perfect for you!

Do you like making others happy-this is perfect for you!

Do you like working with other people-perfect fit!

Do you want to create products, programs or services-this is your fam sista!

Do you like making money to pay your bills-you better join now!

Do you enjoy learning from other people that have already failed and succeeded at what you're trying to do-come on lady you know what I'm going to say..this is your new life waiting right!!

This is totally for you if you're done with letting other people or situations control your life success and steal your peace...this is so for you right now!

FAQ image

Can I get my money back...

Nope....I'm sure this might frighten some of you away...if so...Bye

I only want to work with secure, serious entrepreneurs ready to make faith based decisions. 

Here's the reason I say Nope..once you pay that's it...It don't matter if it's full or flex plan (It's your responsibility to cancel flex plan or you'll still be charged).

Here's my thought process on this..if you're serious about making a'll make serious adult faith based decisions and take risks to Make ALL Things Possible.

I'm taking a risk hosting my sessions, giving you immediate access to digital products and bringing in all these biz bestie experts for you.

You're going to receive a ton of valuable content instantly upon purchase; even before the coaching begins.

And I'm pouring in some serious original content, my secret sauce tips and processes my 8 Figure business coaches have shared with me.That's a lot of proven success strategies you're receiving that you could rock out and start achieving success with right away....I gotta charge for those homeskillet!

FAQ image

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