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You’ll learn the Top 10 Questions female entrepreneurs are asking and the exact strategies that successful female entrepreneurs like Gwendolen used to dramatically (and consistently) grow her business to receive wins such as awarded a $5M Joint Venture Contract, Best-selling CoAuthor, $1200/Hr Guest Speaks, $15K Customers and more!

This will help you build and scale a successful woman owned business around what your skilled at, love doing and enjoy sharing! Ready to reclaim your confidence sis and find fabulous followers excited to buy your offers?

Hi Ya Beautiful, I'm Gwendolen Wilder

Since 2008, I’ve been working intimately with hundreds of thousands of female entrepreneurs. While working my 9-2-5 in the USAF; I successfully turned my side-hustle into a $5M Joint Venture Contract w/i 6 months of starting. Now as a US Veteran, successful Certified Biz Strategist, Certified National Media Expert, Bestselling Co-Author, Co-Founder Biz Bestie Brunch with my Bestie Juju Rafii-Ebdrup and the Founder of the 3K+ international sistahood of Impossible to Possible Women, where I have the joy of supporting, helping and empowering female business owners to move past every biz fear you can possibly imagine reminding them, "It's OK to Tell My Story!)...

This has given me the most unique perspective on understanding what works, doesn't work, how to move past the challenges quickly and how to best support women in business who are feeling lost, confused and hopeless about getting past their obstacles aka biz fears.

I specifically love empowering women who are out there working those 9-2-5s, dreamers thinking about starting a biz, pondering if they should write a book and women who have been in business for a while but just aren't seeing consistent sales. These are women, all with the common thread of feeling like they are struggling, overwhelmed and literally are terrified of failing (and succeeding...because it's a real thing too!)

.Through all the biz fails and successes, it led me to discover the most common questions around biz fears female entrepreneurs are seeking answers to and the ACTIONS that must be taken IMMEDIATELY which determines whether business women achieve an abundance of success doing what they love vs staying stuck and broke in fear.

And that let me to reverse engineer my own God blessed victories as well as the successes of my past clients. The result of that, I started teaching the success path inside my very own female entrepreneurship mastermind with women that have achieved even greater success than I've reached; which led me to an important thought:

I wonder what was the success strategy they used to tell biz fears KICK ROCKS?

And gurl let me tell ya, they shared with me ALL the juicy tips… And now I’m sharing them with YOU sis!

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Have an Idea for a Biz But, Not Sure Where to Start? New to Being a Woman Owned Biz? Stuck Scaling Your Biz to the Next Level? Ready to Achieve Wilder Success? Let's Face the Fear Together with This Guide Sis!

So, if you’d like to tap into more than a decade of business building and successful scaling experience, download the free guide today!

Oh and grab your fav cup of tea, pen, highlighter and journal because this juicy nugget will help you tell your biz fears KICK ROCKS so you can confidently start talking about your biz to attract more ideal customers week after week.

Whether your new to business or an existing female entrepreneur, I GUARANTEE this guide will help you better understand what your biz fear is and the 1st action you need to take so you can tell your biz fear KICK ROCKS, achieve Wilder Success faster and know how to find the right help to make it happen.


-Business women on a budget hire support teams

-Successful female entrepreneurs get organized, simply tasks and find time to work on their biz

-Proven ways to feel more confident talking about your biz so you can attract more people and make more sales

-How confidently determine which biz idea to start with first so you don't waste or money

-Uber easy steps to stop feeling afraid of failure, success and haters so you can stay focused

And a ton more!

All it Takes is for You to Reclaim Your Self-Confidence, Face Your Biz Fear and Create Your Success Strategy to Help You

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