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Book Your 100% FREE Strategy Session Before Clock Runs Out 👇🏽I only hold space to meet 20 women a month with these FREE sessions to help discern who is a great fit for my private coaching program

Thanks for visiting our sistahood of Impossible to Possible Women and wanting to chat with me. I'm so excited to empower you along your Girls Trip to Success.

This is a FREE strategy session (not coaching); this is a safe space where you can tell me about your ideas, dreams, goals, struggles and I can help you better understand the root cause behind your struggles, give you clarity with your goals and share how I've helped other women overcome the same/similar situations and how I can help you too with the use my private coaching.

I know you're probably excited to meet with me, but I really need for you to read this entire page before booking a call. If you honestly do not feel you are ready to invest your time, or finances right now to invest into your business success (sidenote: I give flexible payment options too) ; I ask that you please respect my time, your time, my process and DO NOT book a call at this time , instead stay connected inside our private Free Facebook Group and FREE Members Portal so I can love on you sis with our weekly Facebook Lives, engaging posts, use our AI search portal, chat with me and you can ask questions (links below).

As a Certified Business Strategist, Certified National Media Expert, Bestselling Coauthor and Founder of the Impossible to Possible Women sistahood I love... helping women turn their awesome ideas and dreams into a business they love using my wilder success steps!

If you find yourself struggling to start a business, find consistent clients or stand out online after starting; I will tell you how I can help you figure it all out beautiful and how I help you craft your unique brand message to attract a wider audience so can enjoy wilder success.

During this FREE breakthrough session we will Face the Fear Together as I help you gain clarity and help you understand how to reach your goals faster using my signature Impossible to Possible Women biz principles (strong spiritual foundation, solid-proven biz strategies and supportive sistahood) so you'll be able to reach even more Wilder Success than you thought imaginable...

➡️ Turn your biz fear into a positive profitable biz opportunity

➡️ Regain your confidence after biz failure or fast biz success (yes, that's a thing too)

➡️ Build a biz from scratch based on your ideas and dreams using solid-proven business essential strategies

➡️ Scale your business to the next level with the latest industry client attraction strategies, supportive sistahood...

➡️ And most importantly, if you're a woman of faith you'll learn about my spiritual business strategy that helps you to follow your vision from God so you can use your vision, passion and gifts according to God's ultimate plan (in a way that feels comfortable to you and your audience)


After booking your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation with further meeting instructions. However, if you are not ready to invest your time or finances into private coaching; your appointment will be automatically cancelled and again I encourage for you to stay connected with us in our FREE Communities until you are ready to crush it sis!

In the interim, if you need any help, feel free to use our virtual chat host named Biz Bestie aka BB; she's the pop-up on the bottom right of your screen to drop me a line about any questions you might have, feel free to email me anytime or ask questions inside our Facebook Sistahood (fastest route).

Stay Blessed 💞Gwendolen




What Does Private Coaching Look Like w/ Gwendolen?👇🏽

Learn more about private coaching [here].

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This session is an opportunity for me to determine

if we're a good fit to work together in weekly private coaching sessions and if my Impossible to Possible Women sistahood can help you expand and support your business dreams.

At the end of the call, if I feel confident I can really help you to move the needle forward in your business; I might invite you to work with me as a private coaching client starting with flexible payments of $297/Week to receive support with weekly 60-90 Min Coaching, database access, LIVE training, group coaching courses, templates and so much more depending on the membership level you select.

By the end of this call I GUARANTEE YOU WILL

1️⃣ Leave knowing EXACTLY the specific root cause holding you back from reaching the goal you want ...

2️⃣ Understand the clear SUCCESS PATH of how my weekly private coaching program can help you move your biz toward success faster...

3️⃣ Discover how working with me, you will be able to find MORE ME SUPPORT, TIME, CONFIDENCE, & FREEDOM by balancing your peace and purpose so you spend more time doing what you enjoy!!

Gwendolen Wilder

Gwendolen Wilder💞Wilder Success Strategy Session

45 Mins
Woo Hoo Congratulations! You are being granted a Complimentary Wilder Success Strategy Session with Certified Biz Strategist | Certified National Media Expert | Bestselling Coauthor Gwendolen Wilder. This session will be 45 Mins long and will be an opportunity for you to share your #1 Biz Struggle with Gwendolen. Find a time that works best for your schedule and Gwendolen will look forward to chatting with ya soon! (Please Note: Gwendolen offers private coaching at $297/Week or $397/Per 90 Min Session Please only book in a time to chat with Gwendolen if you are seriously ready to invest into your business and yourself!) "Thank you for the session it was eye opener I will do a video testimonial for you tonight and send it to you- Mona Ali" "Gwendolen really knows how to connect with people & help to ignite a fire within you. She was our guest speaker and showed up 100%! Gwendolen was able to connect with the women and help them see the importance of just getting starting with  what they want- Amber Toner" "Greetings, lovely ladies! I'd like to share this testimony: Gwen is the BOMB y’all! I joined her Elite Wilder Mastermind program to identify my blocks in launching my online business and her resources and expertise are out of this world! I love the Mastermind format the best because in a few short weeks she was able to point me to resources and advise me through weekly coaching sessions on exactly what steps to do next to succeed. Her homework assignments led me on the path to nail down my Target Market Audience and Ideal Client SOOOO well that I now have complete clarity on where to search for clients and what language to use that speaks to their hearts. I love her wholistic approach, and the warmth and positivity she exudes is the best ever! I love being a part of her Sistahood! I’d highly recommend her to any business women who wants to succeed- Marlene Schimke"

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Video Testimonials

Kimberly Newell Greene, Video Testimonial

Michelle Trotter, Video Testimonial

Mona Ali, Video Testimonial

Kelley King LeBoeuf, Video Testimonial

Have you ever struggled with everything from starting a business to attracting people to your Facebook Group?

That's exactly what Tamika Adams was struggling with, but after outlining her signature success strategy with her in coaching session #1, she had a HUGE awaking of how to overcome it so she could achieve Wilder Success.

She said working with me felt like a conversation with a friend and no judgemental undertones (aww #metoosis!!)

We got to work auditing her Facebook group which helped us to better understand the root cause of why she struggled with prospect attraction and engagement THEN I created a tailored plan to help her create engaging posts to attract prospects to the group (#gamechanger for her success)

What did Tamika have to say about the results she got?

"I would recommend Gwendolen because, before working with her I was lost now I'm intentional with a path forward."

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Have you ever struggled with strengthening your public profile?

That's exactly what Jinada Rochelle was struggling with, but after outlining her signature success strategy with her in coaching session #1, she had a HUGE awaking of how to overcome it so she could achieve Wilder Success.

She said she enjoyed building a personal relationship the most out of her experience (#metoo meeting weekly was so fun)!

We got to work figuring out the root cause of what was holding her back from sharing her best self online (#thebestfeeling).

What did Jinada have to say about the results she got?

"I was unsure of the power of my social media presence. I am much more confident and willing to put myself on social media lives...I would recommend you, I continue to learn so much from you. You are such an encouragement."

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